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Community Skills Clubs

Learn and practice skills which can earn you money

Our community skills clubs and workshops provide a regular social outlet and a way for people to learn skills which can help them earn money. This achieves our goal of relieving poverty by helping people to increase their income and improve their quality of life. Attend the club as a student or gain skills as a tutor teaching what you enjoy.

Learn skills which can help generate income and socialise at the same time.

What are we aiming to do?

  • Provide affordable training courses for local people to encourage skill development
  • Encourage social entrepreneurism and help service users to utilise the skills they learn to create their own freelance work
  • Run social clubs for local people to encourage sharing interests and promote social integration
  • Provide volunteer opportunities for teaching and event management by devising and managing social clubs

How do we do this?

  • Recruit volunteers with existing skills to develop a scheme of work in order to offer service users worthwhile training courses covering a variety of interests e.g. face painting, photography, web design, floristry, sewing
  • Offer volunteers ideas on how to use these skills to create their own freelance work
  • Encourage volunteers with particular interests e.g. photography, floristry, genealogy to host social clubs at Wiser Solutions
  • How are volunteers involved?

  • Conducting market research into the interest for particular courses and clubs and gaining feedback from those enrolled
  • Devising schemes of work for training courses which allow for skills progression
  • Researching and writing lesson plans and workshops
  • Delivering training courses, workshops and mentoring sessions
  • Devising and managing social and skills clubs and events
  • Publicising courses and clubs through a website and printed and social media
  • Developing a dedicated website and creating an online course and club enrolment system
  • Revenue raised from the courses can be used to fund volunteers to complete teaching qualifications or similar
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