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Fruit Routes Project

Orchards & Edible Growing Spaces

Fruit Routes is part of our horticulture and environmental programme which aims to stimulate local regeneration and investment, improving the quality of the local environment. It aims to promote healthier lifestyles, improve family togetherness and green up social housing estates and urban areas.

Fruit Routes turns derelict places into orchards and edible growing spaces

What are we aiming to do?

  • Plant shrubs and fruit trees and create public orchards where people can go to enjoy picking fruit. We want to develop ‘fruit routes’ or trails of fruit trees and hedgerows.
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles, promote family togetherness through rambling and fruit picking outings and increase access to green space for those living in urban areas.
  • Raise awareness of the natural environment for both young people and parents by creating edible garden playgrounds in schools
  • Create outdoor volunteer opportunities as well as specialist opportunities for horticulture, landscape design and IT

Who are we aiming to help?

Those on restricted incomes.
Low incomes coupled with readily available prepared meals mean people are less likely to cook from scratch and eat well. We aim to improve access to fresh, cheap produce and provide simple information on how to use it.

Those living in urban areas.
People living in built-up areas or tenants in flats typically have restricted access to green space.

Adults and young people suffering from mental health issues.
Stress, depression and anxiety are increasingly common. By improving access to green space and promoting healthy living and family togetherness, we hope to help people discover the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors.

School children
The British Nutrition Foundation found many school children were unaware of where fresh food came from. By donating trees and shrubs to schools and providing practical workshops, we hope to help raise children’s awareness of horticulture.

How are volunteers involved?

  • Pro-bono volunteers with skills in Landscape Architecture can develop planting plans and help to research and re-establish forgotten varieties of fruit
  • Using CAD to map fruit routes across Wirral and the North West
  • Planting additional fruit trees, shrubs and edible hedgerow fruits along routes and pathways and maintaining them
  • Creating a website featuring seasonal recipes and video cooking tutorials to use the fruit picked and photo libraries and horticulture tutorials showing how fruit and vegetables are grown
  • Marketing the project to local people and businesses to encourage interest and funding
  • Creating a mobile app with mapping technology so people can explore the routes
  • Promoting the project through a dedicated website and social media to encourage public use of the trails
  • Recruiting volunteers to maintain the routes
  • Running planting and cooking workshops in schools

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