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Glass Barrel Garden

Tenants Group & Community Garden

The Glass Barrel is a former Grade 2 listed Pub near Hamilton Square, Birkenhead and is the second building Wiser Solutions have occupied. We have helped to breathe new life into the building and bring it back into community use. Above our offices there are 6 social housing apartments and at the rear of the building was an open car park space which was being used by people to fly tip household and business waste. Working closely with the tenants and Regenda Housing Association, we have helped to turn this unloved space into an award winning community garden.

What are we aiming to do?

  • Improve communication between tenants and their Housing Association
  • Encourage local residents to explore opportunities for healthier lifestyles
  • Improve the visual appeal and raise the profile of the immediate area
  • Help local residents to explore interests which improve their quality of life
  • Encourage the preservation of green space and foster an interest in the local environment

How do we do this?

  • Help residents form a tenants group and apply for funding from their Housing Association
  • Work with tenants and local residents to create a community garden and edible growing space
  • Won a coveted RHS Britain in Bloom award and promoted this achievement in the local press
  • Encouraged tenants to get take up new hobbies and interests and get new digital skills
  • Gave local residents and tenants access to our resources for meetings and networking
  • Provided work placements for young people to help with the community garden and growing spaces
  • Provided volunteer opportunities and training in horticulture and bee keeping

How are volunteers involved?

  • Planning and designing the community garden layout
  • Fundraising for seeds and plants and writing letters for sponsorships
  • Building boxes and planters from recycled wood and pallets
  • Cultivating plants, watering and taking care of the community garden
  • Planning and organising community events such as barbeques to enjoy the garden
  • Taking photographs and building digital records of the changes over time
  • Using social media to promote the garden and share recipes and gardening tips

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