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Our work with schools

we work with schools to provide work experience on projects pupils can relate to and find interesting

Our work experience for school students is based on real projects. It gives students the opportunity to try a real working environment and make decisions about their project based on actual need. Having actual background experience and knowledge of what a real work environment is like helps prepare for interviews and provides something interesting and informative to talk about at interview.

experience which provides life skills and helps when deciding career direction

Work experience is an important part of time at school. It can help students decide whether to go on to study at college or university or whether to go straight from school into the workplace.

flexible work placements which allow everyone to gain valuable experience

Our work placements run for a set period of time and are structured with specific tasks and training. Placements can involve working with different departments to get a taste for a variety of different roles. Students could be working as a group on their own project or as part of a team in an existing project.

Working with local businesses and social leaders we support and encourage young people to participate in the National Citizen Service (NCS)

Taking Part in NCS

NCS helps young people build skills for work and life, while taking on new challenges and meeting new friends. By developing and delivering local volunteering projects which matter to them, young people learn new skills, discover more about their area and get involved in charitable projects which benefit the local community. We provide support, mentors and resources to ensure their NCS projects are enjoyable and rewarding.

Edible Playgrounds and Orchard Schools

Knowing where food comes from and how it grows is important. A lot of physics and chemical changes are involved in growing food and it also helps raise awareness and an understanding of protecting the natural environment. This is why we donate fruit trees to create orchards and edible growing spaces in schools.

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