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Social Enterprise Support

Want to know more about Business and Social Enterprise?

We support and develop social entrepreneurs

If you have an idea for a business which has a social or environmental purpose, you need advice based on sound business principles from people who have already been there and faced the challenges ahead.

We can help you with...

  • Exploring and refining your ideas, purpose and social aims;
  • Developing ideas into practical, deliverable business solutions;
  • Finding committed board members, volunteers and skilled staff;
  • Identifying sources of funding, revenue generation and sponsors;
  • Providing clear direction, management, expertise and ongoing support;

We help grow and develop social enterprises

We work with social enterprises to develop them and help them to grow. This can include business restructuring, developing systems and internal processes, building a strong management team and making them more sustainable. This makes them more attractive to philanthropic investors.

  • We listen to your ideas and help you to make your social venture viable;
  • We help break down the barriers preventing the growth of social firms;
  • We help you scale up your social business to maximise your community impact;
  • We can help established social firms develop into social franchises.

If you have an idea for a social business, call us to arrange the next steps. We can provide training, management support and resources. We can help your ideas come to life so you achieve your goals.