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Volunteering Opportunities

get involved in projects dedicated to developing people, contributing locally and improving quality of life

We offer volunteer opportunities across a range of community projects. We are looking for dedicated volunteers from many different backgrounds, including education, health, IT, marketing & media, events, fundraising and project management.

Our opportunities are open to everyone. Volunteers can be unemployed, students, graduates or employed in the public, private and charitable sectors. By volunteering with us, you can help combat poverty and improve the quality of life for people who need it.

achieve your personal, organisational or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals

Individual volunteering opportunities

We need skilled professionals and individuals with passion. We have opportunities for young people, students, graduates, employed and retired people.

The requirements may vary depending on the skill area, role length and the requests we receive from our projects managers and partners. Please see individual opportunity task descriptions for full details.

Whoever you are, whatever your skills, we would like to work with you.

Develop your people, improve skills and confidence and have a positive impact on the local community.

Corporate volunteering opportunities

Helping others make good things happen through community projects is what we do. We will help you do the same by working with us in our Corporate Volunteer programme.

We can help your employees find voluntary opportunities in our own projects and with project partners. We can help you develop a project which best fits your CSR goals.

We can work with Government Departments, public and private sector organisations. Whichever sector you are in we would like to work with you so get in touch today.


If you would like to support our activities more generally, you can sponsor one of our projects, causes or events.

Contact us now to find out how we can work together for good.

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