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What we do

We create opportunities for professional and personal development through projects which benefit local communities.

Our projects are managed exclusively by our team of volunteers and graduates and aim to benefit or provide services for those in the wider community. Our projects provide volunteers and graduates with work experience to build their CV, help boost confidence and skills and offer the chance to complete relevant qualifications. This enhances employability and keeps skills competitive in a tough job market.

We provide a work-based structure during periods of unemployment.

Through work experience volunteers and graduates are able to experience a real working environment, understand work culture, contribute to the development of Wiser Solutions and feel part of a team.

We encourage our volunteers to become social entrepreneurs and earn an income doing something they love.

We help volunteers create small business ideas and projects which draw on their skills and interests whilst providing the local community with useful services which address a social need.

We support volunteers through every step in developing their social business, allowing them to use our resources such as marketing capacity, a venue and contacts. This gives them the opportunity to develop their ideas with a view to becoming self-employed. Individuals who find the traditional work environment difficult to cope with are encouraged to consider this method of earning a living.

We are mindful of digital inclusion and IT literacy.

IT skills are essential for most jobs in this digital age. All our projects are underpinned by digital technology to encourage our volunteers and service users to hone their IT skills and keep up-to-date with changes in technology. We use digital media such as social networking to connect with the local community and to promote the progress and success of our projects.

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