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Who we are

We believe in social equality and digital inclusion for everyone, everywhere

Wiser Solutions is a Social Enterprise Company (Limited by Guarantee) which operates in much the same way as a charity. All of our profits are reinvested back into the company to further the work we do and into developing people and community projects.

We aim to reduce the impact of poverty by helping people gain skills through community projects so they can earn an income or increase their income

Set up in 2008, Wiser Solutions aims to help alleviate factors contributing to the rise in poverty within communities. Although many factors contribute to poverty, local research, statistics and the experiences of our service users and volunteers, inform us low incomes, high unemployment rates and social exclusion are major contributors to poor living standards.

We believe in social entrepreneurism and the power of businesses to effect positive social change.

We believe the most effective method of relieving poverty is to help people gain skills to increase their income. We show volunteers how they can use Wiser Solutions as a springboard to developing their own business ideas which can make a positive social impact on the wider community. In this way we empower volunteers to create their own employment and income and develop entrepreneurial spirit.

We strive to provide meaningful voluntary placements for individuals of all skill levels in a real working environment and prepare them for workplace success.

Although unemployment and social exclusion form the major focus of our work, we aim to provide other projects and services with a similar brief. We run a variety of community-based projects to help improve the lives of local people, both service users and volunteers alike.

We help people change the way they view themselves and their contribution to society

Our volunteers manage these projects, gaining valuable skills and work experience whilst providing beneficial services to others in need. We provide opportunities for all ages and abilities including NEETS (those Not in Education Employment and Training), long-term unemployed individuals, students, graduates and working (pro-bono) volunteers. We also provide work placements for corporate volunteers already in employment.

Projects with a Digital Hat

We make use of technology to provide skills, opportunities, practical experience and job creation

As use of digital technology gathers pace IT skills are becoming essential. We endeavour to provide opportunities which encourage volunteers to gain these skills. All our projects employ digital technology allowing volunteers to develop basic skills or utilise existing skills at a more advanced level, whether this is introducing a volunteer to spreadsheets or supporting them in developing a website, taking photographs or creating YouTube style videos.

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