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Wiser Communities

We identify issues of social need and create community projects which aim to answer them.

We believe in social equality and social inclusion for everyone, everywhere.

We identify issues of social need and create community projects which aim to answer them.

We specialise in working within communities to identify local needs and their priorities for improving quality of life. Working with our local partners, we use our skills and expertise to create projects which meet the needs and aspirations of local communities and the people who live and work in them.

Our community projects help to regenerate areas into thriving community places which bring local people together

We take a holistic approach with our projects and aim to address multiple social issues with short, medium and long term solutions. Our projects are as much about helping individuals as they are about the community. We seek to provide skills and work experience so people can increase their income in addition to having a wider and positive community impact. We seek to bring people and communities together for good.

Providing support to social entrepreneurs and other Not for Profits facing challenging times

In many communities provision of local services is declining and community-based activities are totally reliant on volunteers. We provide advice and support to help community groups develop practical solutions based around their individual needs and aspirations to develop a sustainable future.

Achieving local ambitions through community projects and partnerships

In recent years we have run projects relating to:

  • community development and regeneration
  • community gardens, public orchards and growing spaces
  • churches, orchard schools and edible fruit routes
  • history, heritage and developing community pride
  • digital skills and community-based learning
  • social cohesion and family togetherness
  • employability, work skills clubs and digital inclusion
  • school leavers and young people (NEET) work placements
  • mentoring, business development and social enterprise
  • community networking and fundraising events

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