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Work Placements

Valuable experience and skills working in a real work environment on a variety of community projects

We offer challenging project experience working across a broad range of work disciplines.

Special focus is on the perception of the individual about the workplace and taking personal responsibility to undertake and complete tasks to a high standard.

We also focus on entrepreneurial skills development and the promotion of social and digital enterprise as a contribution to sustainable self-development.

we constantly develop new projects as sustainable solutions to social, environmental and individual needs

By regularly changing project topics and joint activities, participants receive a deeper insight into their own character and gain practical experience of different work disciplines.

We offer work placements to people who are:

  • School leavers and young people seeking career direction
  • People who are NEETs (Not in Education Employment or Training)
  • Students and Graduates (see also Internships)
  • Returners to the Workplace
  • Already Employed / Corporate Placements
  • Retired individuals wanting to contribute

Benefits to individuals

By working on community projects we have found participants have increased confidence and self esteem. This is most apparent when they attend interviews because they are able to talk about their role and experience within a project.

They often become quite animated and this passion can tell the interviewer more about the real person than they would normally gain from interview questions.

As a result we have seen a high success rate getting jobs for those who have attended our work placements.

At the end of the work placement participants will have a portfolio of evidence for their work experience. We can also provide a reference and a certificate if appropriate.

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